How does your team really look like?

A-SIA lifts social interaction to a higher level!

Typical applications:

  • Organizational Development: Maximize the performance of your team
  • Individual Coaching: Improve your own impact on teams and networks
  • Sales, Communication: Plan your perfect communication strategy – internally or externally

Quick implementation, easy to use:

  1. Record relationship structure (manually or questionaire)
  2. A-SIA automatically visualizes sociogram
  3. Simulate social interactions and impact of structural changes via ergonomic user interface
  4. Derive corresponding measures

Selected projects:


Innovative softwarecompany to implement a new organizational structure to cope with heavily increasing staff

  • Mantain established functional relationships
  • Ensure remote teams on customer site are linked to the core team
  • Check whether team leaders reach their subordinates
  • Identify potential issues before implementing the new structure
  • Keep flexibility and close interaction among colleagues

Fistball – Austrian National Team

Find the perfect setup for world campionship 2011

  • Verify that trainer and co-trainer reach the whole team
  • Integrate temporary players with core team
  • Identify optimized setups for various game tactics
  • Identify influencers and followers